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Photo - Photos Collections consist of  the: Americana I & II,  Pop Icon, Chicago Gothic, Glass Factory, Star Collection, Facebook Collection,  Taven Hill Lighthouse, Pure Michigan, Photo Hubs collections, Chicago Christmas, the Lemonade Monkeys,  Key West & Florida,  Bridges of Parke County, The Fans, Dune Shore,  with Newer collections- Dublin Gothic, London Gothic, the Fire collection., Aqua Collection, Postcard Collection,

       2017 - Evanescence, Chicago Speaks, Americana collection

and also,  Taven Hill has tons with ton's of photo's that are featured in the TavenHill Studio Photo Hub collections.


Literary  projects- The Taven Hill Literary contains The Lemonade Monkeys series-Tale of the Lemonade Stand, Tale of the Monkey Carnival, The Tale of  the Montana Monkeys   and other stories such as- Treasure Trove, American London High, Gramps, Runaway Word Search Puzzles , Calendars, etc.

        2017 -  The Buggles Collection.

       Travel Articles -Photo tour trip from Rome to Venice, From the Airport to downtown, Ireland Roadtrip, a couple of Ireland Churches, and a Dublin spotlight.


Mixed Media -The Taven Hill Studio also features mix media art collections, with  Verse collection, Razzle-Dazzle collection, the blue pearl collection, Jovian collection, the untitled collection, the Bubble gum collection, etc.,




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Taven Hill Galaxy Studio Art


Is Taven Hill Galaxy Studio Art unique, better yet what makes Taven Hill Studio Art unique?



Paintings with color .....


By far Taven Hill Galaxy Studio Art is one of kind.  It is not mass produce, or industrail InkJet printed art.  

Taven Hill studio is  not produced in a fashion of 1 out 1000..etc...Generally it is time stamped by the year it was created. So a 2015 is more of a collectible than a

2018 produced item. All Galaxy art is handmade framed oversized art. Reproduction copies of art generally can be more vauled than orginal art canvas prints.  

Taven Hill Studio is a small independent studio, with art projects  ranging from Photo to mixed media to literary projects..


What is the charactertics of Galaxy Art:


*Galaxy Art is not made in industrial factory conditions. This is the workshop, an outdoor workshop.

Production is currently made during warm weather months,  currently no production from December to May..



Taven Hill Studio Art is wide ranging and is not segmented to just one type of  painting format.



A person creates a book, they are a writer....a person draws a picture, they are a artist...

Taven Hill studio is not one layer of an artist or produce just one product or one item.



Photography is the core of the Taven Hill Studio.  as viewed on the rest of the site.

Taven Hill Studio photography is wide ranging, muti-depth and muti-level photograph ranges.




Taven Hill Studio has never enter a art contest & Taven Hill Studio products have never been professional graded.   

A trip to a hobby store, becomes an adventure, products in the hobby store are envisioned to be used in innovated formats works of art.



No two pieces are duplicated, all works are original works of art. Some pieces may carry similar design formats.

Galaxy art is based on the early design formats of the Bubble Gum and untilted collections.





*2015 Taven Hill Studio  All rights Reserved..