Away you go to that far far away place, where should you stay?

What are the questions may you ask yourself?


Remember your vacation is not like my vacation. Vacation empowerment will dampen a wayward  runaway vacation.  


What two main factors may impact your hotel choice? Closeness to your main event or reason for your visit. Security or safeness at the hotel and around the hotel.

What else may come up?  Price, room types, and other extras at the hotel (pool, gym, etc), a clean room.

The ones above is key elements to a hotel room.

When the Escape from New York senerio happens. Do you have a plan or information ready to exit fast. Before you go, find out if your insurance carrys overseas. It may, but going to the Hospital ER in the USA is different than going to a Hospital ER overseas. Did you print out forms and find out what medical care is near your hospital. Wheres the Yankee consulate? What number is your local number of your airline. When the escape from New York happens, it is a mad dash to the airport.


Traveling is easy, the problem starts when you have a question,

and you need a answer.

Will that pool open during your visit?

What other factors you may occurr on your trip?


Always take a copy of information about your hotel, if you get lost and get tired to find where it is located, a taxi ride would be best. Providing information to the taxi driver will help.

Some hotels that are not national brands but mom and pop hotels can par up to the international big boys. Do more than just using the website where you bought the room to seek info on the hotel.


A lot of skips. Being the adventure traveler, for a better hotel, be prepared for the adventure getting there.

 Look for, number of photos being presented(the more the merry, the least, can be a warning sign), and watch out for fish eye photos(photos that make the room look big, but is not, look at the space from the bed to the wall, how many people can stand side by side each.)


The breaksfast, can tell the qaulity of a hotel. Business hotels are different than motels.

Having a room next or on a side to a major road/heavy traffic will have take away a peaceful night sleep.

If you are in Venice overnight, you may hear boats horns instead of car traffic. having a window view may be a drawback.



What is nearby the hotel. Is there resturaunts, convenice stores, public transportation. Getting a good price deal and having nothing next to it may cause inconvenices.

This is the best hotel room, this travel person has ever got. Clean, comfy, great bathroom, excellent breakfast, and the price was great, below $60.


If you travel, plastic shell suitcases can be better, lighter and easy to move around.

Airlines like weight retrictions rules nowdays.


There are hotel information page and then is the extra payment page.

Hopefully your hotel will have just a hotel information page.


Ships rooms, may be smaller than a hotel room.

This hotel, that hotel, which one. This hotel had a bargin price, but was great, better than the bigger hotel. You will always have buyer beware. Hotels will have complaints, look for a pattern, if a hotel has several problems about parking issues, that can be a red flag.


The doors to the hotel, will add noise. loud doors opening and closing may add noise to

keep you up at night.


  Repeat visitor to a city, try a price or room comparsion. If you are a reapeat visitor, stay at a different part in

    a city. Can work better in a big city.

Having a little extra is nice, going to a hotel room with nothing it, except for tv, bed,

hey, a room is a room.

I want my hotel room,  quiet, with tv working, clean and no bugs biting me.


        If there is no nearby 7 -11's convience store types for a fast snack, bring some snacks with you.

Some hotels can be a great surprise.