Fast Hop to Macau from Hong Kong...via Turbo Jet Tranportation




Start the adventure at the Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan area of Hong Kong..


Shun Tak Centre- Grab a bite, buy last minutes gifts, and grab various transportation options..subway, ferries, bus, taxi, and even a helicopter to Macau, if needed..


Buy your ticket here, use the agent window first, self serve kisok may be tricky...And buy a return ticket and try to give yourself enough time to lounge around

in Macau and cach your boat...****getting to a turbojet is a little go to the entrance, a clerk is standing by the entrance, your boat leaves in an hour,

a clerk looks at your ticket  and gives you a ticket for a boat leaves that leaves in 15 minutes and you hurry to get to the boat..that may be the rountine

you experience when catching a  turbo jet boat from Hong Kong to Macau...


Just a short trip and you are in Macau....was your trip smooth or did you have a rocky rolling with the waves will find out..


Remeber where the ferry terminal is....take a couple of pictures, so if you use a taxi to return to the ferry terminal, a picture can be used instead of haggle

the right words to get there..









Macau  Photopollosa  A photo here, a photo there.....













Visiting the Macau lighthouse can be exercising, but fun...give your self time to walk up and visit it..