Venezia, Italy


Venice Walkabout - taven hill studio article

A Taven Hill Studio photo tour trip from Rome to Venice.

It's a plane, trains and no automobile photo trip adventure


Your dream trip that runs around in the back of your mind, also along, with the travel fears of trying to master such a feat, you can lower those fears just a bit.    


Venice, Italy......Do you need a place for the travel hound in you, think Venice, Italy, and give it a chance to be  one of those places. You have seen that canal place in the movies, on tv and in magazines, become the discovery traveler in you. Visiting a travel run to Europe with a weak dollar can have you looking at a hopeful lottery windfall to pay for trip over to the city with canals.  Use the web wisdom of the internet to help lower the cost a bit, and make a run to the bookstore that is still open, to research information about your travel destination. One thing I like about the Italian city of canals, it is a small city that has a lot of stuff to do. After going back in time with your high school research frenzy, find out what type of traveling you want to do.


I think there are three types of travelers, the first one, is the traveler who has a list to attend to.  The list traveler has a attire like a train schedule, places are on a list and will be checked off in time. The discover traveler is the opposite type of the list traveler. This type of traveler is a Crocodile Dundee on a walkabout  city tour, who is just looking around and dives oneself into the city art tapestry that is all around. The third type of traveler is probably the weekend day tripper traveler, who has a short itinerary to conquer.  This traveler may be on a business function with a short amount of time to take in the top wonders of the city or running around the city seeking certain city destinations such as a food tour.


Then there is also the type of venue structure(travel services such as transportation services, lodging service, etc)  you are traveling to that can make it difficult to visit. The traveling venue structure may have a lot of support or nothing at all. A big city has a lot of support structures for traveling like bus, train , tours, etc.  Going to a place that has few traveling structures like traveling to Glacier National Park can be difficult.


Venice, Italy is a high structure venue. You can fly directly to the airport, then take a bus or water taxi to the San Marco island. San Marco island is the focal point of the Venice touristry mecca.  Also, with Venice being a small city that is basically a walking city, still give yourself extra time to budget while walking. It may take only twenty minutes to go from the San Marco piazzo square to the train station, just remember, that is for the experience Venice walker, and not for the newbie to whom the path is a zig zag with turns here and there while trying to figure out what street you are on.   


Okay lets get to a disclaimer, ya, the wow truth. Life is full of disclaimers or life is full of errors, just remember,  it just a little ghost and demons pointers to traveling.


Traveling overseas is easy, its when you have a question or need help, that’s when it becomes a drama vacation.


Your travel trip is not like my trip-We all want to have a grand travel presentation to our friends and family when we get back from the grand adventure of a lifetime, but get real first, life is not always a fairy tale in a good Hollywood movie, plus, do you have an assistant back home who will forward money, pay for hotel, rebook your travel, when you lose your money wallet and Passport.


Fate may have you playing the game of getting late to the airport late and getting on the standby list, It may also be, when you arrive overseas , the train strikes, allergic food ills, expired hotel reservations, bank account meltdown, your medical insurance does not work over there, a little weather headaches here and there, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc., starts to come alive from out of nowhere land. Hey, just about everything else that goes wrong and gives you an upside down travel feeling. Vacation empowerment will dampen the ‘Escape from New York’ type vacation mentality encounters  

Okay, here is the photo run tour.

Your flight is coming into Rome Airport. Get ready for the customs and find the train tour.



Look for the train sign and follow like a lemming.  Go to the train platform and do not stop by the first self ticket kiosk

before the walkway to the train, Go to the end where the train platform is, there’s more self ticket kiosks.



Go the non stop to Roma Termini. Get your ticket and go to the train. Grabbing a train should be easy,

mostly all trains on the departing platform are going away from the airport.



Rome's Grand Central train station- its going to be known as Roma Termini, this is your island of opportunity.  Need a stable place for a fast bite to eat, last minute shopping, etc, this is the place.  This is the main gathering place, you can grab a taxi, bus, another train etc,  it also has a mini mall in the basement floor.  A helpful business in the mall, Next photo.


This is Italy's version of Walgreens, you need batteries, to go snacks,  memory cards, etc, go here, your wallet will

thank you. Mine did. Lower level of the Roma Termini.



Rome’s Grand Central Station- A lot of hotels are around, nearby the station, ya, a lot of hotels near the station..




Your in Rome, now, turn on the tourist mode.


Travel Tip: 1 Piano means second floor, 2 Piano means third floor, you get the picture...right????....



Find your hotel, relax, tour around a little.


After a night of watching the Streets of San Francisco in Italian, being entertained with MTV Italy,  and going back in time

with Capitol records tv channel,  time to grab and go back to the Termini and begin the wait for your train to come to

the station and then the run to the platform game.


Match your seat number on your ticket and enjoy the train ride.



The Tuscanny region....nice..


After a sitting for several hours and getting a refresher in, you have come to Venezia(Venice). Time to find your hotel,

don't forget to check out, what the, check out time is at your hotel...


Travel tip: Buy your Venice ticket here.


You paid a kings ransom to get here, bring out your bookstore map and guides , along with your web information.

Now enjoy, walk around become a discovery traveler and collect your travel stories along with the pictures.






Need a restroom, follow this sign, a restroom that you have to pay for will be there, have coins ready.


That time has come. Time to pack up and make that square suitcase into a jelly bean shape suitcase, along with all your "got to take home souvenirs".

Get your self extra time if your walking from one end to the other end of Venice.  

You get to the train station, and now your going in reverse travel.









A airplane connection here and there, going back over that little pond, back to the good ole USA,

or maybe to my city, I have with the music on the earphones playing, sweet home Chicago..



Venice  Photopollosa  A photo here, a photo there.....


































































































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