Spotlight  on Tokyo


Tokyo Tower


Wow, will start your travel tour of Tokyo.... You can just go visit Tokyo and have a vacation on just the food marvels being discovered around the metropolis of  the Tokyo districts....Getting around, there is a adventure to accomplish that mission too....May the Force Be will enjoy the effort touring around Tokyo..    

        Tokyo area



Your travel trip is not like my trip... besides, my trip was in standing in the Tokyo subway for several hours trying to figure how to get to accomplish a task to get to a place on my list to see.


Thee disclaimer, its  the, reality truth pointers. Remember, life is full of disclaimers or better yet, life is full of errors and unintentional one way paths.  Just remember also, the disclaimer is just a little ghost and demons pointers in traveling.


Traveling overseas is easy, its when you have a question or need help, thatís when it becomes a drama vacation.




 Great Reference :   Tokyo Sightseeing Spots Guide


Going from the airpot to downtown Tokyo, let the pictures give you a little extra help:


Have a little fun looking at the Pacific Clouds as you near the land of the rising sun.



Here we go..get ready to land.




Take the long customs walk to formally welcome you to Japan.....



After getting the right paperwork finishing...Get in line at the bagge claim and then follow the signs to you get to the transportation concourse area.

Look around, there is atm's around to grab some fast money, a little restaurants to grab a meal, book a tour, a bus, hotel,etc. Need more shops and food, go to the arrival section of the airport.



Catch the train to the downtown Tokyo, here..




Narita Express Train...was used as transportation to reach the Tokyo Station..There are several ways to reach tokyo Station area...You also have the Skyliner, and rapid transit trains.

*****Always check train timetables..Trains to the airport may vary and may not run at certain times such as late evening***** Check the times out, or you may be the tourist paying

over $200 Dollars for a taxi ride to get back to your hotel at the airport....just saying..












Still need a munchie..grab a snack from the food cart when it rolls by..


When the Tokyo Sky Tree building rolls by, the Tokyo stop will be coming up..



A moment here and a moment there, you'er at the Tokyo Station...find you hotel and start your Tokyo adventure...


Enjoy your Trip...




Now the time is about to close on your Tokyo say good bye to your hotel and make your way back to the Tokyo Station


buy your ticket here at a self ticket kiosk..




Some trains to the airport will come into two sections..and become one at the station..check your ticket, if you are one a long train..



The Tokyo Extra....To move from one place to another or not...The Tokyo Subway...

A little help with that...if it helps you...


Travel Tip**Have a copy of where you want to go...have it printed out, and try to have the address in Japanese..the taxi driver will GPS

to where you are going and they follow the path...No need to worry if the taxi is honest....and most taxi's you can use a credit card to

pay for the fare...awesome-sauce....


The Tokyo Station...very cool station to hang out in...some subway trains can be access here..Tokyo station is the main hub for the JR trains. Lots of places to grab a bite and a little shopping can be

attained here.  How to tell where your at....find out what sid you are on.   The Yaesu or Marunnouchi side are on the opposite side of each other, with the station in between...


Travel Tip:  The subway...Which train to go  and to take..that is the question and it is hard...Tokyo station is the main focal point of Tokyo, the minus is getting to the subway train connections...

Use the Ginza Station as the main focal point for the tourist on the go...The Marunouchi line, the Hibiya Line and the Ginza line all come near each other here.

Those three lines can get you to the most tourist main tourist hubs of the city.. On the Hibiya line gets you to the Roppongi station..where you can use the Toei Oedo line..



Think Tokyo Station as a mall, Ground level is Train entrance, lower level is the shops and Subway connectionzs.


And if you master the how to get there action plan...Enjoy your Tokyo Adventure!!!!!!!!