Your Travel is Not Like My Travel, sometimes that is good.

International Traveling


Escape From New York City Vacation senerio: All of a sudden, your trip goes sideways, issues and problems develop, the option that is in front of you, is to run to the airport, get on the first airline to fly back home. If a Escape from New York City Vacation Senerio develops, going to the airport and being on the next flight out, probably won't happen, and you will probably be stuck in a vacation nightmare for a while. Vacation Empowerment will dampen effects of a EFNYCV.  

Your travel trip is not like my trip-We all want to have a grand travel presentation to our friends and family when we get back from the grand adventure of a lifetime, but get real first, life is not always a fairy tale in a good Hollywood movie, plus, do you have an assistant back home who will forward money, pay for hotel, rebook your travel, when you lose your money wallet and Passport.

What are some things should you do(based on travel experience):  Share information about your trip to Family, your who what where when stuff. Keep your passport on you at all times. Bring a id, just in case. Have or keep a couple hundred in cash as backup but do not use, it is last resort/rainy trip emergency money. Cash is still king, anywhere. When abroad, don't access financial information, its best only to access that information when in the USA. When you need to, Ma Bell it(use a land line Telephone) and call your financial personally. Using bank/credit cards, you need to call before you and tell them what countries you will be visiting. Take a camera/cell photo or print out the location of your hotel and have it ready. When using a taxi and safety may be needed, as you get in the taxi, make a fake call, and act like you telling a friend your in a taxi and will be there in a couple of minutes.(The perception is, the taxi driver may think you have a working cell phone and are able to call for help) Research if your health insurance is available in the country you will be at. Some big insurance companies may have some type of coverage, its does not mean you have coverage, but you may have something, Hospital visits in the USA may be different than a overseas hospital visit. Print out forms that may be needed at a visit and print out locations closest to your hotel if you need to go. A hidden money belt or second wallet should be used to keep important cards or money reserves. Never put something important in a checked bag on a flight, the checked bag should just be clothes and stuff that can be replaced if lost. Leave a address label in you checked bags. Know where the local USA consulate is and have the local number of it. Have a bendable folder of printouts of your reservations/hotels information. Research times 20, about places and information of the places you will be going. Taking a train, when is the last train of the day. Is your station close at certain times. Wheres the money gram/western union at, in case it is needed. Getting drunk in a foreign country is not a good idea. Some countries you cannot eat or drink out in public.


Fate may have you playing the game of getting late to the airport late and getting on the standby list, It may also be, when you arrive overseas , the train strikes, allergic food ills, expired hotel reservations, bank account meltdown, your medical insurance does not work over there, a little weather headaches here and there, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc., starts to come alive from out of nowhere land. Hey, just about everything else that goes wrong and gives you an upside down travel feeling. Vacation empowerment will dampen the ‘Escape from New York’ type vacation mentality encounters  


Your dream trip that runs around in the back of your mind, also along, with the travel fears of trying to master such a feat, you can lower those fears just a bit.    


 Use the web wisdom of the internet to help lower the cost a bit, and make a run to the bookstore that is still open, to research information about your travel destination. After going back in time with your high school research frenzy, find out what type of traveling you want to do.


I think there are three types of travelers, the first one, is the traveler who has a list to attend to.  The list traveler has a attire like a train schedule, places are on a list and will be checked off in time. The discover traveler is the opposite type of the list traveler. This type of traveler is a Crocodile Dundee on a walkabout  city tour, who is just looking around and dives oneself into the city art tapestry that is all around. The third type of traveler is probably the weekend day tripper traveler, who has a short itinerary to conquer.  This traveler may be on a business function with a short amount of time to take in the top wonders of the city or running around the city seeking certain city destinations such as a food tour.


Then there is also the type of venue structure(travel services such as transportation services, lodging service, etc)  you are traveling to that can make it difficult to visit. The traveling venue structure may have a lot of support or nothing at all. A big city has a lot of support structures for traveling like bus, train , tours, etc.  Going to a place that has few traveling structures like traveling to Glacier National Park can be difficult.


Your travel is not like my travel: Does Taven Hill endose infomation/websites spotlighted. No. Not at all. Your travel or experience will be different from what I have experience or encountered. Visitng My hometown of Chicago has more of a probably of talking to police and filling out a form, from a crime incident while visiting it, then traveling to another country and being a victum of a crime incident. Its 2 Am and you been drinking, low on money, and in a part of a city you should not be in, what is the odds you will have a problem.