Mactan Island


The holiday trip to a far far far away place.

Spotlight on Cebu, Philippines


Cebu is becoming a tourist vacation stop in Asia.

Main areas near Cebu City are Mactan Island, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu

Beach Resorts and Moutain Outdoor activity are the attraction Activites

Cebu City view from SM City Cebu Mall


Why Cebu? It is a mixture of new and old. It is a growing city, with international industry as one of its business hubs.  Cebu City is a stepping stone to tourist emenities: Beach activites, mountain activites, etc.

Many reasonable price hotels are available.

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Keep on the mind while there.  When leaving/flying out the airport a terminal fee must be paid before departure. Have some money available.  Rush hour traffic is unique, allow extra time.  Some taxis may take the side roads to get where you are going. State to take the main roads to your destination. While at your hotel, ask if they have tours available. Dont act like a obnoxouis tourist.


Your travel is not like my travel: Does Taven Hill endose infomation/websites spotlighted. No. Not at all. Your travel or experience will be different from what I have experience or encountered. I can recommend a place, and it goes haywire while you are there, that can happen and often does.  What was on the Taven Hill spotlight tour. Hotel hopping and a walkabout around the city. If you have a lot of bags, hotel hopping is not in the avenue mode of travel.  Tavenhill Cebu spotlight, choose hotels near the Ayala Mall and and also travel to resorts in between. Cebu is muti function, beach and moutain activites. Hanging out at the mall on vacation, is that a vacation? The mall, can provide muti cluster emenities such as, restaurants, banking services, department store items, Pharmacy products, movies, and just a place to sit outdoors and relax in the outdoor gardens area. Tavenhill spotlight uses this area as a staging area to outvacationing to other parts of the city area.



Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Fly in, and start your Far, Far, Far away holiday. Bank ATMs are here, cash exchange, etc.

Is there banks near your hotel, cash and carry is the transaction most likey sernerio,

you will have, till you find a bank/bank ATM near your hotel. Before your flight here, exchange a little money to local currency.

To get to the Cebu City area, Taxis and Van Shuttles are the main mode of travel for the tourist.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport- New Terminal in 2018

How much is that Taxi? If you don't have a local sitting right next to you directing how much it should cost, a round of luck may be used. Taxi are taxi, no matter where your at in the world. Ask how much it will be if a flat rate is given. Watch the meter, if it is used. Taking a van shuttle from the airport, a flat rate is generally given. Rates will vary, so a quote may not fit your travel.  From the Airport to downtown Cebu,  for example in the Ayala Mall area, the max should be no more 1000 Philippine Pesos. Sometimes you will be given the tourist rate. You may come across this, before you leave a hotel or so, security may write down the plate number of the taxi you will be using and give you the copy of it.

Your Travel is not like my Travel tip: Have a phone, take a picture of the driver information card. Have more caution when using a taxi at night.  When using a taxi and safety may be needed, as you get in the taxi, make a fake call, and act like you telling a friend your in a taxi and will be there in a couple of minutes.(The perception is, the taxi driver may think you have a working cell phone and are able to call for help)

 Your Travel is not like My Travel article                                        But also keep in mind, 2018 rate quote- 1000 PHP Pesos is $20 and in all reality, its not that bad

Rooftop view from Diamond Suites and Residences

There are a lot of hotels in Cebu, below is a couple hotels that are walking distance to the Ayala mall, within two blocks.


  Diamond Suites & Residences


Park Lane Hotel



Quest Hotel



Mandarin Plaza Hotel

View from the Mandrain Plaza Hotel

The Terraces at Ayala Mall- Outdoor restaurants area

With a walk from the nearby hotels near Ayala Mall, you come to the craziest intersection in Cebu.

Terrace entrance of Ayala Mall

Ayala Mall-  A little bit of everything, a good place to hang out and  to get this and that.

2 mini-supermarkets are located here, Metro and Rustans




Spotlight Resort in Mactan- There are a lot of Resorts in the Mactan island.  Coralpoint Gardens the Tavenhill Visited.

  Tripadvisor Mactan Island Resorts  -Good Overview of the resorts  True Beachfront     Costabella Resort  

 CoralPoint Gardens

Big room to hang out in.

Bring your snacks, when you go to the Mactan resorts area, there is no nearby 7 -11's

convience store types for a fast snack.

You may have local neighbor karenderya's- homebased eatries nearby. '

Pool side suites available

Across the street, you can have access to the seaside area. You can walk in the ocean and swim at the saltwater pool, which is really nice.

This is the salt pool, very nice to swim in.



A little here, a little there photos of Cebu


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